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Sztuka na zamku

 Z inspiracji i inicjatywy Pawła Althamera powstał projekt "Sztuka na Zamku" - warsztatów, które będą okazją dla osadzonych kobiet do pracy z najwybitniejszymi polskimi artystami. zobacz więcej>>

Krótki film o... „W kratkę"

Dokument Moniki Michalak

z TVP 2 o naszym magazynie "W Kratkę" i warsztatach. 



Pierwszy taki teledysk

Osadzone kobiety z więzienia w Areszcie Śledczym Warszawie – Grochowie pod opieką artystyczną  Sławka Beliny i Jacka Łupiny nakręciły teledysk do piosenki "Się wydawało" 

"Pustek" z najnowszej płyty zespołu "Safari". 
Pierwszego dnia na Youtubie obejrzało go ponad 800 osób


Warsztaty oferta

„Dom Kultury“ Foundation engages in cultural education. It is focused on bringing culture and education to the environments that do not have an easy access to them. The foundation is a travelling house of culture. It runs artistic, multicultural and social education and also it promotes 'work at rudiments' attitude.


We are interested in finding partners to provide educational and artistic projects in socially excluded environments. Our organisation would gladly share our experience with previous projects for kids from dysfunctional social groups and for inmates, especially inmates women. In our educating activities we lay emphasis on role of culture in social readaptatation. Art and Culture is our way to communicate and resocialize. We collaborate with the best polish specialists, artists, therapists and activists.



Our work and projects

Sztuka Na zamku / Art in the Castle

Project under way. „Art in the Castle“ is a round of art workshops run by contemporary art artists of younger and older generation, in a women's Criminal Investigation Arrest in Warszawa Grochów. Paweł Atlhamer is the art custodian of the whole venture. In the project taking part are both famous artists as well as those who také their first steps. Apart from artists and inmates, the project is joined by pupils from the „Bednarska“ high school and occasionnally by members of the „Grupa Nowolipie“. This is an interdisciplinary and intergenerational project, combining different environments.  

Workshops in children's hospitals

This consists of three projects: hand sewing lessons, workshops „ Warsaw in Art“ and „Impressionism“ - studying and taking inspirations from great masterpieces. Within the scope of these three projects in 2 years we managed to run 40 workshops in two outpatient schools and on two wards. Children and their guardians cheerfully took part in activities, also presenting a great discipline. Due to the help of tutors and nurses, immobile children also had a chance to participate. Every workshop consisted of two parts: either history of art lecture or training and practical workshop, throughout which patients were making art works. Afterwards they were used for displays. At school next to the „Niekłańska“ hospital, for its 50th anniversary art works were combined to make a jubilee calendar. All together, our workshops had over 1000 participants.

Multicultural workshops at the prison for women

When last year we began the realisation of our project „ Multicultural workshops in prison” (co-funded by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage), we became aware that there was no cultural, educational or artistic offer set up for prisoners. Nevertheless, we had no idea of the gravity of this phenomenon.

Our workhops were attended by women serving sentences in the half-opened and closed wards, recidivists and sentenced for the first time. Mostly these were women coming from pathological environment, ever remaining on the edge of society. Paradoxically, prison gave them a chance to experience other cultures as well as some cultural and artistic activities for the first time in their lives. Along with other animators we witnessed the flourishing of creativity, overcoming own setbacks and the origins of new hobbies of the participants. We could see the miracles happening: outwardly simple changes, but for the prisoners they were a breakthrough. First workhops were run by Mamadou Diouf. Black male from Senegal on the closed ward, in Women's prison. The artist told inmates about West African culture and run workshops how to play djemba. At first, there occurred problems with repeating an easy rhythm.. but today, prisoners are rehearsing for the small drum gig with Mamadou.


Creative Writing workshops at the prison for women, running „W Kratkę“ magazine

Workshops are run once or twice a week for a regular group of 15 women, who are being kept on a closed ward – long sentences, recidivism. The inmates are the editors and authors of texts for „W Kratkę“. In the project „Resocialisation through befriending“ taking part are women who are servicing their sentence on the half opened ward. Due to these circumnstances they have a possibility of participating in activities taking place outside the prison. Above mentioned participants are leaving prison in the following 2 years.

Multicultural workshops in day- care social housings

In three day care houses we run all in all 30 workshops that covered subjects of Arabic, West-Africa, Gipsy, Israeli, Jiddish, Armenian, Ukrainian, Japanes, Columbian culture.. Two houses were in Praga Południe district, one in Praga Północ. Animators- artists-cultural and religious minorities representatives introduced their culture to the participants with the help of lectures and interactive presentations to begin with, and then was the follow up consisted of different creative workshops, i.e. Making columbian bracelets, Israeli dancing, origami...